Book Review : Emerald Blades by Reijul Sachdev

Now here comes an anthology of poems that will give you a glimpse of every facet of life.


The book will be your companion whether you are happy, sad, depressed or excited.

The poet has beautifully captured the essence of life in his poems which simultaneously provides us with myriad possibilities and mundane solutions. Sometimes it shows the world as a monochromous entity and sometimes in a multicoloured fashion. 

The book also captures the dichotomy of life where a person often finds himself stuck between two different choices of equal importance.

This anthology will force you to ponder over the various decisions that you have taken up in your life and will enlighten you by providing the required experience to take better decisions in the future.


1. Language is crystal clear without any spelling errors.

2. In depth meaning which once deciphered will provide you great insights about life.


1. The vocabulary used is on a slightly higher level so be ready to keep a dictionary by your side because you are going to desperately need it.


Grab your copies right now from Amazon.

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