Book Review : 18 via Teen – Be Yourself by Shreyasi Rhittika

A beautiful collection of stories that display the various kinds of challenges and mental restlessness that a teenager usually goes through.


An anthology of wonderful stories which display the psychological state of a teenager.

A teenager goes through a lot of mental stress as he/she stands at the threshold of adulthood.

The book consists of stories ranging from the relationship of a son/daughter with his/her father or mother to that of a first time crush in school or college.

Each and every story has an in-depth message which if imbibed by teenagers will help them to overcome the insecurities that they usually face in this period.


1. Each and every story explores a new facet of teenage life.

2. The book will instantly strike a chord with the teenagers and will definitely help them to cope up with the myriad confusions that they come across.


1. Some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can be spotted else the book is up to the mark.


Grab your copy from Amazon now.

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