Book Review : The Soft Target by Kalyan Nanda

Now here is a book which will amaze you to the core. A must read for your next weekend.


A story of a guy who is challenged by God since his childhood. He suffers from a very abnormal psychological defect where in he is not able to say what he thinks but as far as his IQ is concerned, he is no less than Einstein.

First of all he is ridiculed by almost everyone due to his abnormality. Second of all his parents die a gruesome death and at last he also looses his dear wife.

Loosing his dear ones at every stage of his life, he holds God as the main culprit and assumes himself as the SOFT TARGET cursed by the almighty.


1. The book is written in a lucid manner.

2. The attributes of the protagonist and the incidences that occur in his life qualify him as the SOFT TARGET.

3. The four year description of college life at IIT hooked me. It will definitely be fascinating and at the same time interesting for the readers especially teenagers.


1. Few spelling mistakes can be spotted.

2. The story as a whole is gripping but the latter part is not as interesting as the former.

RATOMETER : 8.5/10

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