Book Review: 2 Peg Ke Baad by Nikita Lalwani

Now here is a collection of 14 short stories that will bridge the gap between your present world and the world as it appears after having 2 pegs of your favourite alcohol.


The book deals with various experiences that have been conceived by the author over a due course of time while blogging with people across the world who have shared their stories, ideas, confessions and beliefs with her and trust me that she is a brilliant author who has well-knit those experiences into entertaining short stories.


1. The language used is crystal clear and is free from grammatical errors.

2. Every story depicts a different ambience and provides a completely new outlook.

3. The real essence comes into play when the central character in each story has two pegs of his/her favourite alcohol which enables to unleash his/her “OTHER” side.

4. The front cover is eye catchy as it goes along with the title of the book.


1. The length of the stories is not pretty much the same. Some are small while others are lengthy which leaves an uneven and shabby impression.


Order your copies now from Amazon.

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