Once there was a knife who had a very sharp blade. His master used to cut every vegetable and fruit through it but as time passed by, it lost its sharpness and became blunt.
Slowly and steadily it lost its masters affection and soon he bought a new knife.

The new knife was longer, sharper and gleamed in sunshine. Due to its features, it grew proud and mocked the old knife’s dullness and bluntness.

The master regularly cleaned the new knife and kept it at the centre of the knife-stand where it would shimmer in the daylight whereas the old knife would always find a place at the back.

One day the master bought Rasgullas (a kind of sweet) which were cleanly packed inside a tin pack. The tin pack had a hard metallic opening. To cut it open the master picked up the new knife and slammed it hard over the metallic opening but nothing happened. He tried for the second time but except for a little scratch, nothing happened.

The master grew impatient and kept on banging it over the tin plating till the blade of the new knife snapped. Out of anger, he picked up fragments of the new knife and threw them in the dustbin.

Then he picked up the old blunt knife which was kept in one of the secluded corner of the kitchen and slammed it hard over the tin plating. Since the old knife was blunt, it broke open the metallic opening.

At last the master was able to savour the rasgullas and after having his lunch, he handed over the blunt knife to a nearby blacksmith to get it repaired. The knife regained its lost sharpness and once again became the beloved of its master.


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