Tulsidas transformed a girl into a boy

Once upon a time the king of Kashi and the king of the dravidian state became good friends. The queens of both the kings were pregnant so they decided to strengthen their bonds by marrying their children with one another.

As time passed by, both the queens gave birth to a girl.

The dravidian king had forewarned her queen that he would sacrifice his life if a girl is born. The queen was scared because she didn’t want to lose her husband.

Therefore she bribed her royal servants to never reveal her child’s true identity and also bribed the royal priest to declare that she had given birth to a boy. The dravidian queen never let her daughter leave the room so as to conceal her true identity.

Days passed by and both the girls grew up. Finally after reaching their marriageable age, the dravidian king sent a message to the king of kashi to get their children married.

The king of kashi accepted the proposal and invited the dravidian king.

All the arrangements were made and the ceremonies started once they reached the state of kashi.

On the day of marriage, the king of kashi came to know that the dravidian prince is not a boy but a girl. On knowing this the king of kashi grew so angry that he ordered the arrest of the dravidian king and sentenced him to death.

As soon as the dravidian king came to know about this, he ran away and hid in tulsidas’ hut.

Tulsidas enquired about the matter and the dravidian king narrated the whole story.

The king of kashi ordered his troops to search for the dravidian king and soon came to know about his whereabouts.

Next day the king of kashi went to tulsidas’ hut and asked him to hand over the dravidian king to him.

Sage Tulsidas asked him to keep calm and to bring the daughter of the dravidian king to his hut.

Since the king of kashi respected the sage, he presented the girl to him.

Thereafter Tulsidas organised a 9 day long worship to Lord Ganesh and Goddess Parvati in the presence of the holy Ramayana and at last by the grace of almighty, the daughter of the dravidian king transformed into a boy.

Due to this the matter was resolved and both the kingdoms were united in the auspicious ties of marriage.

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