Prajapati Daksha created many sons and entrusted them with the task of creating life on Earth. For completing their task they went into deep meditation.

After a year when their intense meditation was going to bear fruits, Narada Muni appeared out of nowhere and told them that if they will produce off-springs then they would have to care for them and meet their demands at every stage of their life. Thus a lot of their precious time would be wasted on such mundane activities and they would not be able to meditate on the supreme soul and achieve salvation.

Hearing his sermons, the sons of Prajapati Daksha immediately gave up their task of producing off-springs and became hermits. Finally they departed to the forest and began meditating on God to achieve salvation.

Seeing this, Prajapati Daksha created a female and she became the originator of life.

Further in a fit of fury, he cursed Narada that he would not be able to stay at a place for a long time and thus would not be able to divert the minds of other people.

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