What to do if your parents dont listen to you?

You must have come across various incidences where you would have had difference of opinion with your parents. 

A lot of this happens in our teenage life. 

Lets look at what can we do to handle the situation.

1. Converse respectfully.

Always remember that you are your parents off-spring, not vice versa. Do not talk abruptly or you will significantly lower down the chances of your opinion being heard of.

2. Dont just blabber like a kid.

Come on, you are no longer a kid but a teenager. Make your point and then listen to what your parents have to say. If you continuously blabber like a kid, your parents will certainly lose interest in you.

3. Interact maturely.

Comprehend what your parents are telling you, make a logical opinion and only then open your mouth. If you do not display maturity while making your point, you are surely going to fall down the cliff.

4. Dont compare yourself with your friends.

Comparing yourself with one of your friends is the worst mistake that you can do. Never do that. Maybe your friend is from an economically sound family. Always remember that parents strive hard to provide you with whatever they can. Comparing yourself with someone else will not only demean your parents but will also reduce your worth in their eyes.

5. Dont get frustated if your demand is not accepted.

First and foremost word of caution for teenagers; remain NON-VIOLENT. Even if your demand is not accepted, do not loose your temper and start breaking cups and plates. Please refrain from such violent activities or you will project a very wrong image infront of your parents and trust me that your parents will think thrice before fulfilling your demands or providing you any responsibility.

Friends, try to cultivate patience among yourself and refrain from violent activities. Try to comprehend what your parents are saying and the reason behind it. Your parents are your only true well wishers and trust me that even you will behave in the same manner with your own children.

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