Strong people don’t put others down. They lift them up!

Nishant and Raj were two billionaires. Both of them had the capacity to possess every comfort in the world. They worked day and night for their respective organisations and their business grew manifolds.

Raj was a shrewd businessman who wanted to grow his business at every cost. He did not possess empathy and did not sympathize with his co-workers.

On the other hand, Nishant sympathized with his team and helped them whenever they needed it.

Raj being an ambitious man used unfair means to crush his opponents so as to become the richest man.

One day he bribed some officials working in Nishant’s company and asked them to handover the secret business files to him. They did as he said due to which Raj came to know about Nishant’s business plan and marketing strategies.

Before anybody could know about it, Raj emulated Nishant’s strategies and accumulated huge wealth. Soon Nishant came to know about it and he complained to the police but all in vain as Raj bribed the policemen and escaped from being arrested.

Days went on, Raj became richer whereas Nishant fell prey to Raj’s evil plans and lost a considerable share of his business. He did all that he could but was not able to stand against Raj. Soon he went bankrupt and thought of shutting down his company.

One day, he called all his employees and told them the whole story. He asked them to look out for a new job as he was not in a position to pay them their next month’s salary but on the contrary none of them left him when he needed them the most.

They ensured him that they would work double the time without demanding any sort of remuneration and would once again restore the company’s lost glory.

Nishant couldn’t believe his ears and asked them the reason for it. They said that whenever they needed him, he was there to support them and now it was their turn to reciprocate the favour.

Nishant thanked all the employees and everyone started to work with a new-found zeal and enthusiasm.

All of them worked passionately and in a months time their sales sky-rocketed and their profits boomed. All the investors withdrew their shares from Raj’s company and invested it in Nishant’s company.

Soon Raj’s company’s profits dumped and in a year it went bankrupt.

Thus it was due to Nishant’s helping and caring attitude towards his employees that formed a bond of trust between him and them due to which they helped him when he needed it the most.

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