Unhealthy competition must be avoided

Once there were two teeth. Both of them competed with each other to claim the title of the strongest tooth.

They made sure that they chewed the maximum amount of food and all the other teeth cheered both of them.

Many days passed by but still they were unable to decide the strongest tooth out of the two.

One day, one of those teeth grew jealous of the other and decided to use unfair means to win. He bribed the neighbouring teeth to push the other tooth outside the mouth and assured them that if they would do so then he would chew all the food and the other teeth shall always relax.

The neighbouring teeth accepted the bribe and all of them started pushing the tooth outside the mouth. The poor tooth couldn’t withstand so much of force and thus it snapped and fell off from the mouth.

All of them cheered for their own greedy accomplishments. The jealous tooth was extremely happy as there was no longer any competition for him and the neighbouring teeth also rejoiced because they no longer had to chew food and could relax forever.

The winner tooth assumed himself to be the strongest and thus began to chew the complete food everyday. All the other teeth relaxed and didn’t do any work.

Some days later because of working tirelessly day and night, the winner tooth snapped and fell out of the mouth.

On the other hand, the neighbouring teeth were infected with plaque since they remained idle for a long time and thus were surgically removed. Thus all of them payed for their sins.

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