The two slippers

Once there were two pair of slippers. One of them was made of rubber and the other of wood.

One day a man purchased both from a shop and kept it in the slipper stand.

While in the slipper stand, the rubber slippers claimed to be the better one out of the two because almost everyone used them but the same did not apply for the wooden slippers which were used only by priests or by people who went to pray in the temple.

Next day, the man took out the rubber slippers and used them to do his daily chores. He wore them while bathing, cleaning the house, buying vegetables and also in the gym.

He wore the wooden slippers only for an hour when he went to the temple to pray. After returning, he kept them back in the slipper stand and once again wore the rubber slippers to do other tasks.

Thus the rubber slippers claimed to be superior because of their maximal use and mocked the wooden slippers for their occasional use.

After a few months, the rubber slippers started to wear and tear and one final day its strap broke off. The man fixed the strap and continued to work but it did not last for a long time and it broke off again. The man went to the cobbler to get it repaired but it again broke off after a few days.

This irritated him and one fine day, he disposed off the rubber slippers and bought a new pair.

After about a decade, the same wooden slippers are still used by the man whereas the rubber slippers have been changed more than a dozen times.

Moral: Don’t mock others.

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