5 Major differences between Greek and Indian Mythology

God is ubiquitous, omnipresent, omniscient and everything that one can imagine. Humans from every corner of the planet have projected God in each and every possible manner, ranging from animals, birds, giants, spirits, trees and what not!

Well we are going to differentiate between Greek Gods and Indian Gods in this post. So lets begin!

1. Greek Gods defeated the titans and became the rulers of Mount Olympus. Therefore they are in constant fear of humans taking over them some day. On the other hand, the Indian Gods exist across space and time. They were never born and they would never die. They have an infinite existence and thus do not possess the fear of ever being defeated by humans.

2.The Greeks came up with the concept of Olympics where everyone strives to break records. In short its a game which tests the maximum limits of human potential. The Greeks wanted to break every barrier and wanted to overcome their Gods. On the other hand, Indians developed Yoga. They insisted on forming a transcendental relationship with the supreme energy instead of overcoming it.

3. The king of Greek Gods i.e Zeus holds a thunderbolt in his hand which he shoots on those who do not follow his commandments. Thus people worshipped him and followed his commandments so as to save themselves from the punishment. Whereas Indian Gods are never feared because of their weapons. The Indian God  Shiva holds a trident but he is not worshipped because people are scared of it rather they worship him because of his wisdom and intelligence.

4. The Greek Gods reside on Mount Olympus which is on Earth whereas the Indian Gods reside on transcendental planes, such as Brahma-the creator resides in Brahmalok, Vishnu-the preserver resides in Vaikuntha and Shiva-the destroyer resides on Mount Kailasa(The mountain referred here is not the one located in the himalayas whereas it is on a higher transcendental plane).

5. Greek Gods posses powers which are equivalent to those of minor Indian Gods. For eg: Zeus possesses thundebolt which is also possessed by Indra, who is also the king of the minor Indian gods.Poseidon is the Greek God of Sea whereas this responsibility is also taken by the Indian god- Varuna. Moreover the Indian counterpart of Hades-the Greek God of the Underworld is Yama. All the above three mentioned Indian gods are minor gods and are not worshipped as much as the Indian pantheon consisting of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.(Brahma is not worshipped as much as the other two!)

These are the major differences between Indian and Greek Gods. Please share more if you know in the comments section below!!!

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