How Harkasura became a disciple of Lord Shiva

Once Lord Shiva was deeply meditating. Suddenly a demon named Harkasura came out of nowhere and marched over kailasa with his huge army. He knew that until Lord Shiva was engrossed in meditation, he would not fight against him and except him there was no one else in the universe who stood a chance against the demon.

The disciples of Lord Shiva stood against the demon and his forces but were brutally defeated because of the lack of leadership.

The demon knew that there was no weapon which could harm Lord Shiva so he kept aside his sword, bow and arrows. He had the strength equivalent to that of 1000 elephants and he was quite sure that he would pick up Lord Shiva and throw him down the mountain.

He laughed in his own demonic style and his army cheered for him.

Finally he went towards Lord Shiva and applied all his strength to pick him up but was unable to move him even by an inch. As soon as he gave up his efforts and began to rest for a while, his feet submerged into the ground.

Suddenly he recalled the boon and the curse that he had received from Lord Brahma. Once Harkasura had defeated and abducted Lord Indra. Suddenly Lord Brahma appeared before Harkasura and asked him to release Lord Indra. Since Harkasura respected Lord Brahma, he accepted his plea but asked a boon in return.

Finding no other way out, Lord Brahma blessed him with the strength equivalent to 1000 elephants but also told him that if ever will he be unable to achieve his task by the use of his mighty strength, he would partially submerge below the ground and this would continue until he would be able to complete his task.

Without wasting any more time, he once again collected all his strength and tried to pick up Lord Shiva but was unable to do so. Till now he had submerged up to his belly. The demon for one last time accumulated all his might and tried to move Lord Shiva’s feet but still was not able to do so and his body submerged down the ground up to his neck.

Suddenly Lord Shiva woke up from his meditation and saw Harkasura’s head bent down before his feet. Seeing this he became extremely happy and lifted the demon out of the ground. Seeing such an act of kindness, the demon immediately submitted infront of the Lord and became one of the most devout disciples of him.

Moral: An act of kindness can do wonders.

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