A forgotten story of incarnation of Lord Rama

The progenitor of humanity; Manu ruled over the Earth for a long time. After getting old, he handed over the empire to his son; Uttanpad. Finally he went in the jungle along with his wife and did deep meditation.

For the first 5000 years, both of them had only fruits and water and continuously meditated on the almighty. For the next 7000 years they survived only on air and meditated on the supreme soul. For the next 10000 years they did not even breathe and kept on meditating.

Delighted by their deep penance, the almighty appeared and blessed them. He granted one wish to each of them.

Manu’s wife asked to grant her the ability to never lose the path of devotion and that she could for ever serve the almighty.

On the other hand, Manu asked the great Lord to take birth as his child. The great lord accepted their requests and granted them boons accordingly.

He suggested them to stay in Amravati with other devtas (gods) for the time being and later in the treta-yuga, Manu incarnated as King Dashrath and the almighty incarnated as his son; Lord Rama.

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