10. VAYU DEVA: The God of wind. Rides a gazelle and can reach from one point to another in a fraction of seconds. If you go against him, he will not let you breathe. Better to worship him than to face the consequences.

  1. VARUNA DEVA: The God of water. Rides a crocodile. Controls all aquatic animals. Do not travel by a boat or ship if you do not worship him or be ready to have a party with the sharks.

  1. AGNI DEVA: The God of fire. Rides a staff. Controls heat and thermal energy. You cannot afford to make him angry or be ready to be burned alive.

  1. KAMA DEVA: The God of human desire and love. Can incite lust within you. Do not mess with him or you will not be able to live peacefully.

  1. PARASHURAMA: The 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Is infamous for terminating all the kings on the planet for a record, 21 times. Holds a mighty axe in his hand. Do not mess with this guy or you will be holding your head in your hands.

  1. VARAHA: The 3rd incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a boar. Had slained the mighty devil Hiranyaksha. Had also lifted the planet Earth on his tusks and brought it back to its present location. Mess with him only at your own risk.

  1. NARSIMHA: The 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Upper half of the body is of a lion and the lower half is that of a human. Had cut open the stomach of the demon Hiranyakashipu. Do not go against him or be ready to be cut open.

  1. BHADRA KALI: One of the fiercest forms of Kali. She holds trident, swords, spear, discus, dagger and what not. You name it and she will cut open your head with that weapon. Do not mess with her even in your dreams.

  1. KARTIKEYA: God of war. Commander in chief of the army of the Gods. Bringer of death in the war field. Mess with him and within a blink of an eye you would be in the netherworld.

  1. VEERBHADRA: Mightiest of all. Created by the wrath of Lord Shiva. He is dark as the clouds, has three burning eyes and can kick your ass in picoseconds. Had swallowed the discus of Lord Vishnu which is considered as the deadliest of all weapons. Think to go against him even by mistake and you are history.

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