We all know about the demonic King Ravana. He was one of the strongest and the mightiest rulers ever to be born on this planet. Here is a story from the ramcharitmanas where Ravana was shamed.

Once Ravana was roaming in the cosmos in search of an able competitor. On the way he met Narad Muni who told him the path to Shwet island. Upon reaching there, he roared and challenged all the men on the island. Suddenly he saw a group of women and told them to tell their husbands that the demon king Ravana has arrived and has thrown an open challenge to their husbands. He further added that after defeating their husbands, he would carry all the women along with him. One of the women grew angry. She caught hold of Ravana’s feet, flew up in the air and then dropped him in the sea.

Ravana fainted and reached Patal Lok(nether world). He then went to the Naga Lok(realm of the snakes) and defeated them. He then approached Bali and challenged him. Bali asked him to pick up the armour of his grandfather before fighting with him. Ravana tried to pick it up but was unable to do so. Thus he left the place in disgrace.

Later while walking on the streets, Lord Vamana (5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) saw him. Some children were playing in the nearby field. He granted a part of his divine powers to those children who then dragged Ravana to the town centre and started beating him. Later on Ravana felt ashamed on seeing Lord Vamana and thus he withdrew his powers and the children stopped beating him.

After a while Ravana reached Pampapur. Vali, the King of Pampapur was performing religious sacrifices along the shore of river Pampa. As soon as Ravana spotted Vali, he challenged him for a fight. Vali caught hold of Ravana’s head in his arms and performed religious sacrifices along the shores of all the 7 oceans of the world. After 6 months, Ravan somehow bit Vali’s hand and escaped. Vali grabbed him and threw him in front of Angad who began to play with him like a toy. Later on Angad’s mother Tara released Ravana from the clutches of her son.

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