Once the demonic King Ravana imposed severe taxes in his empire. He forecefully demaded taxes from the Rishis and munis. Troubled by his diabolical attitude, the Rishis deposited their blood in a vessel and cursed him that as soon as this vessel breaks down, Ravana and his family would perish forever.

Ravana immediately ordered his slaves to deposit the vessel in King Janak’s kingdom so that when the vessel breaks, it is King Janaka and his family who would perish.
Once Mithila, King Janak’s kingdom faced a great famine. Thus the King himself harvested the Earth. As soon as the plough ran over the soil underneath which the vessel was deposited, it broke down into pieces. As soon as it broke down, a beautiful throne appeared out of it. 4 celestial nymphs were sitting on it and were serving a baby girl. 
As soon as King Janak saw her, his happiness knew no bounds and he declared her as his daughter. Some days later Narad Muni appeared in the royal court and saw the baby girl. According to the position of the stars and on the basis of principles of astrology, he named her Sita and told her parents that Lord Vishnu would incarnate to marry her. 

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