The Isha upanishad explains us that God exists in all and all exists within him but the tragedy is that we are yet to find him.
Here is a great story from Sri A. B. Purani, the administrator of the renowned Aurobindo Ashram of Pondicherry, India which beautifully explains the above fact.

Once there was a virtuous brahmin who had an excellent command over vedic knowledge.

One day, the king ordered him to appear before him and asked him 3 questions. His questions were as follows:

Q.1) Where is God?

Q.2) Why don’t I see him?

Q.3) What does he do all day?

He also added a clause that if the brahmin would not be able to answer him, his head would be chopped off.

The brahmin thought over them but was not able to come up with an answer.

On the day of his execution, the brahmin’s son appeared and asked the king to release his father if he would answer his questions.

The king accepted and kept the brahmins execution on hold.

The boy asked for a container of milk. As soon as he got it, he started churning it. After some time, the milk transformed to butter.

The boy asked 2 questions to the king.

Q.1) Where was the butter before it was churned?

The king replied “In the milk”.

Q.2) In what part of the milk?

The king replied “In all part of it”.

Thus he answered the 1st question of the king.

He further added that in the same way God is within all the things and pervades all things.

The king asked “Why don’t I see him?”

The boy replied “because you don’t churn your mind and refine your perceptions through meditation. If you do that, you will see him.”

The king further asked ” What does God do all day?”

The boy asked him to change places. The king accepted his request and the other moment, the boy was sitting on the throne and the king was standing infront of him.

The boy said “A minute ago, you were the king and I was standing infront of you. Now, I am sitting on the throne and you are standing infront of me. In the same way God lifts and casts down each one of us. In one life, we act as a king and in the other as a poor being. Often we may switch our status in a single life. Our lives are completely in his hand and he does with us as he wills.”

Listening to the boy’s answers,the king awarded him with many gifts and released his father.

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