Looking for a mesmerising read this weekend? Then here is your pick. A beautiful love story which you will rejoice for days to come. 


The story revolves around a fat, dark skinned and ugly boy whose only accessory unlike other guys is a pair of braces.

The protagonist’s mother like every other mom always finds her son the most handsome out of all and on the other hand his father being a college proffessor is a strict man who has his own set of rules. 

Much like other love stories, he meets a girl in his class and falls for her beauty but all credits to his stammering, he is never able to tell his true feelings to her until she meets her again after 14 years (A perfect movie script).

The female protagonist is an extremely beautiful girl who is the cause of envy for all the girls around her and source of attraction for the opposite sex. She had always dreamt about being an actress and at last becomes one.

The story takes a turn when the protagonist’s father is accused of taking a bribe and is sent to jail; a side story worth exploring.


1. The story does not deviate from its original theme of a boy falling for a girl.

2. The court judgments are well incorporated into the story and also give a strong blow to the current scenario of Indian judicial system.


1. The only demerit is that the book could have been edited better otherwise it’s a story worth reading.


Grab your copy now from Amazon.

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