Interview of Dhaval Birajdar – Author of a KNOTTY AFFAIR

Dhaval Birajdar

Dhaval Birajdar, author of “A KNOTTY AFFAIR” has completed his master’s in mechanical engineering and is currently working as Assistant Proffessor in a reputed college in Mumbai.

This is his second book which is doing exceptionally well in the fiction genre and has been ranking high since its inception on Amazon and other platforms as well.

Since the book has been topping the charts and outperforming other books of the same genre, we decided to interview the author.

Here is an exclusive interview with the author where we try to find more about him.


Dhaval Birajdar

Q.1) How did you concieve the idea of writing a romantic novel?

Ans) I won’t call it a romantic novel though romance is an integral part of the book.  Coming to the idea, I did my junior college from Jai Hind college churchgate and schooling from Nallasopara. The world in South Mumbai is completely different where you will hardly find anyone speaking in hindi or any other regional language. The only language that people speak is English. I found difficult to cope up initially but slowly I got used to it. When I started thinking about the story, I was working with a chemical company in Palghar which is beyond Virar and during that period I was residing in Kandivali, so I decided why not to have the protagonist of my novel undergo all the problems that I faced while I was placed in this so called “Churchgate zone”.

Q.2) What was your inspiration to write the novel?

Ans) My story is based in Mumbai and you can say that this city is my inspiration. We say India is a diverse country and Mumbai proves the point. One can find different culture and style of living in Mumbai, every part has a different ambience be it Virar, Nallasopara or the king of suburbs; Bandra. Inspired by it, I have tried to incorporate all these things in my book

Q.3) Please tell us something more about your novel ‘A Knotty Affair?

Ans)  It’s a dramatic novel , the word dramatic does not mean over the top hindi movie scenes, but  every chapter has something new to offer . It has romance clubbed with suspense where reader will be forced to think; what will be happen next.

Q 4) What audience you are targeting for your book?

Ans) As an author, I would love to say that everyone is my target audience but let me elaborate. The book would be loved by people who are not into literature section, the reason being that I come from an engineering background and have grown up in Mumbai, we have this habit of speaking everything in Hinglish tone  , so the way I speak will reflect in my writing . I have many literature friends who go a lot into technicality of the language. For example Harry porter novel can’t be explained in Marathi or Tulu, the essence of the novel will be gone. Similarly Marathi movies like Sairat will lose its essence if remade in English.

Every novel has its tone and essence, if my novel is based in Mumbai I can’t have my character from Palghar speaking out Shakespearean English. The novelists from US or UK have their own culture which we should not try to imitate. We have our own way of working, writing, communicating and we should stick to it.
The main aim of the fiction novel should be the flow of story. If it is good and people are relating and engrossed in it, you are a clear winner , irrespective whatever language you write in.

Q.5) Tell us something about yourself and how did you discover your passion for writing.

Ans) Ok, I have done my Post graduation in Thermal engineering which is a sub-branch of mechanical engineering, currently I am working as an assistant professor in DJ SANGHVI COLLEGE of engineering. I started writing during my engineering days.
I would like to share something about myself. I was very bad in theory subjects as a student, I had this issue about mugging up things and many subjects were theoretical during my engineering days.
So I started reading every subject in the form of a novel. This approach really helped me as I started imagining and visualizing a lot of topic with the help of study videos. So during main paper instead of mugging and writing answers i decided to imagine and write the answers which indirectly induced passion of writing inside me. During my 4 years of engineering, this passion kept on increasing.

Q6) Teacher and Author is a strange combo? For an outside person it is a rare thing that a professor is into writing or field of arts. How are you managing it?

Ans) We Teachers are normal human being though the general perception in India is that a teacher is only meant to teach which means he/she can’t do anything else.
Each and every work domain is evolving so why do people consider teaching as an unworthy job?  Nowadays many young people are taking teaching as profession which is a plus point if we consider the society as a whole and more importantly if the nation has to develop, it’s the teaching community that will play the most important part.

So it’s high time that we as a society accept teaching professionals gracefully rather than thinking that teaching profession is a mere option because there are no jobs or opportunities in your sector.

Q 7) How many incidences in the book were drawn from your own experiences and how many were fictitious?

Ans)  90% of the book is total fiction, you can say 10% of the book is drawn from my own life experiences.

Q8) Who were your support pillars when you went through ups and downs while writing the novel?

Ans) My family has supported me a lot. My mom, dad and my brother Yash. Dad is involved with me in the marketing process, I am trying to pick up his brains, as experience really counts. My Close friends Mihir, Mohit , Aditya , Pratik, Kapil, Parag ,Payal , Saurab, and Ankit have always been there during the most difficult phase of the book. Therefore, I will always have a sense of gratitude towards them.

Q 9) Now that you are an author, you will have a fan following. Please let our readers know how they can connect with you?

Ans) I have my facebook page which goes by the name “A Knotty Affair”. Other than that you can contact me on my website

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