A beautiful story from the valleys of Kashmir. Basically a love story which will mesmerize you at every page. The story revolves around a boy Shiv who cracks one of the toughest engineering entrance exams and gets into one of the most reputed engineering colleges in Kashmir. He meets a young and charming girl named Maya and falls head over heels for her. 

The story beautifully captures how he tries to impress her and not to forget his roommates which consist of two completely opposite personalities; a nerd and a crackpot.

The story then takes a turn and exposes one of the most brutal incidents where a whole community of Kashmiri pundits became refugees in their own country. Due to this horrendous incident, Shiv and Maya are not able to meet and are admitted to different colleges. 

Incidentally Shiv meets another woman who happens to be his teacher but also resembles Maya. Shiv loses his heart again but is a lot more cautious this time as he had already gone through the pain of separation. Finally after a lot of upheaval and twists and turns, Shiv and Maya are finally United.


1. The language used is crystal clear and precise.

2. The author has well described the terrible situation of Kashmiri pundits and the trauma they underwent in their own motherland.

3. The author has beautifully depicted the feelings that Shiva has for Maya and it keeps the reader yearning to turn the pages.

4. An episode of Shiva and his teacher; Vibha where they spend a night in the jungle is also captivating.

5.  At the end the author has also mentioned about the Babri Masjid incident where he again loses the love of his life but finally reunites with her. An act that displays the protagonist’s sheer courage and also in a way Hindu-Muslim unity.


1. Even though the author has beautifully expressed the undying love of Shiv and Maya but after getting married and having a child, they get so much involved with the baby that they lose the bond of love between them for which they fought the odds all throughout their life.


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