Samaria, who seemed to be madly in love with Aayan, was still trying to be romantic with him. She believed that one day Aayan would marry her and make her complete with his unconditional love. But perhaps she hadn’t listened to Aayan properly when he said that Siya was the same girl whom he had lived since he saw her for the first time, and every night he slept just to meet her in her dreams…


The story revolves around a boy named Aayan, who falls head over heals for Siya. He becomes so attached to her that he starts worshipping her photo when she isn’t around. 

In the beginning, he tries to convince her not to complain about his friend but the story suddenly takes a U-turn and they fall in love. 

Aayan is so committed in the relationship that he doesn’t even look at other girls in his college and stays as far as possible. He also keeps a photo of Siya in his hostel room where he literally worships her every day and night.

The story again takes a U-turn when Siya ditches Aayan and he is shattered to pieces. He even decides to leave his exam only to meet his love for the last time but even this does not belittles his love for her. He becomes an IPS officer only because Siya had once asked him to and thus proves his love for her. 

The story takes a giant leap at the end when he discovers why Siya had rejected him and I assure you that as a reader you will not be able to control your tears when you come to know about it.


1. The language used is lucid and easy to read with minimum errors.

2. The author has well described the character of Aayan and there are a lot of things one can learn from him.

3. The love of Aayan for Siya is just incredible and one will have to read the book to know about it.

4. The poems written by the author are cherry on the cake.


1. The character of Samaira could have been elaborated.


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