The only way to become wealthy is by being born wealthy. Right?

In this second book in the 13 Steps series, bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi and co-author Sunil Dalal explore how one can become wealthy even if one is not blessed with the proverbial silver spoon.
Taking a radically fresh view of wealth, they show that the journey to becoming wealthy is difficult, but not impossible. With some thought and work, wealth is well within anyone’s reach.
The steps presented in 13 Steps to Bloody Good Wealth are easily implemented and do not require anything more than your attention and belief.
Through fascinating examples, illuminating stories,personal experiences and common sense ideas, the authors tear away the halo and secrecy that surrounds wealth and how one can earn it. It has been shown that most high net worth individuals around the world have created rather than inherited wealth.


Now here is another book in the 13 steps series by Ashwin Sanghi along with his co-writer Sunil Dalal who happens to be a serial entrepreneur. 

The book talks about how to to build wealth by suggesting very tried and tested formulaes. It talks about various kinds of bonds and insurance policies that one should invest in from an early stage so that they give long time returns.

The authors have given very realistic scenarios by validating the facts through numbers and graphs wherever possible. It also gives few examples of those people who made it big in there entrepreneurial journey and didn’t give up at the time of difficulty.

On the whole, the book is good but not excellent as it gets dull and boring somewhere in the middle when a lot of charts, graphs and financial jargons creep up. The authors should have tried to make that part as simple as possible for the reader. Moreover the book fails to inspire especially the young people because it mostly talks about how to grow rich with time thus completely sidelining the early twenties generation who are more interested to become billionaires before their next birthday!!!


1. Have used graphs and numbers to validate the graph.

2. The last chapter of the book talks about various people who made it big in their life which is really inspiring.


1. Complex graphs and use of financial jargons are a disappointment.

2. The book sidelines the younger generation especially those in their early twenties.

3. Fails to inspire the reader except the last chapter which is really worth reading.


1. Cover: 7/10

2. Plot: 7/10

3. Style of writing: 8/10

4. Popularity of Author (Ashwin Sanghi) : 10/10


Click on the link to purchase your copy now from Amazon.

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