How Kind is Lord Shiva?

The great Lord Shiva is the kindest in the hindu trinity. One of his names is Bholenath(The Innocent God).

Let us see few incidences which proves his kindness.

1. Once the demonic king Ravana built the palace of Lanka for Lord Shiva. While the Ghrihapravesh(A ritual performed before entering for the first time in one’s house) was taking place, Ravana demanded the palace for himself thinking that Lord Shiva would also move along with him and thus with Lord Shiva’s blessings there would be no one who could defeat him. Though he was not able to succeed in his malicious plan but Lord Shiva being personification of kindness gave up his rights over the palace.

2. Lord Shiva being Bholenath is so innocent that he even grants boons to demons. One such demon was Bhasmasura. He performed penance and pleased Lord Shiva and thus acquired a power to emit out fire from his palm. As soon as he acquired the power, his demonic instincts took over him and started chasing Lord Shiva to burn him alive. This is one such incidence which teaches us that kindness shown to a human with demonic characteristics can be fatal.

3. Once Lord Shiva performed penance. His tapa(penance) was so intense that Lord Krishna arrived at the spot. Lord Shiva asked the great lord to provide a route for easy salvation for every soul in the world. Impressed by Lord Shiva’s deep penance, Lord Krishna shook his head in admiration and thus his gem encrusted earring fell down on the ground near the lake where Lord Shiva had meditated. That spot is known as Manikarnika ghat(mani = jewel, karnika = earring, ghat = bathing place). Lord Krishna told him that even the soul of the person who dies at some other place but is cremated here will get instant liberation.

Thus above three incidences show the kindness of Lord Shiva. If you know some other incidences, then do share them in the comments section below.

Stay tuned will be back with more such interesting content.

Till then be merry and be meritorious.

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