Book Review: Figmented Reality by Zuko


Addiction blurs our hold on reality; people say. But what if addiction becomes our reality? Siddharth had a fair few addictions in his wake. The challenge now was to differentiate between the ideal world and the Will Siddharth be able to overcome his addictions and find true love. Or is it just another addiction?


So here comes a psychological book which will coerce the reader to analyse answers to some of the most fundamental questions in our lives though they have a false connotation of being ‘mundane’.


The author has depicted the trauma that a child has to live with if he/she is sexually abused in his/her childhood.

The protagonist being a boy is sexually abused by an elderly women who offers him a ride. The boy being innocent and unaware of sexual climax is overwhelmed with such a newfound pleasure and thus is always in search of an elderly women who could satisfy his sexual desires.

He is always embarrassed to talk with girls as they leave him as soon as they realise that his only motive is to use them to calm his carnal desires.

Finally his search ends on a divorcee named Veena whom he finds to be very attractive.

He tries his best to lay her down but fails again and again. Later on he starts hellucinating about having sex with Veena but at last due to repeated failures he vents out his anger by choking her to death.


1. Language used is lucid and crystal clear.

2. The author has rightly depicted the mental status of a child who goes through sexual abuse.

3. The front cover of the book is quite new, thought provoking and at the same time justifies the title.


1. The ending could have been better.


1. Cover: 9.5/10

2. Character build up: 8/10

3. Plot: 9/10

4. Editing: 9.5/10

5. Theme: (10/10) New and refreshing.


Grab your copy now from Amazon.

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