Did Gandhiji eat meat?

Well Gandhiji is an epitome of self-belief and perseverance, he must also be identified as an epitome of self restraint.
While in his childhood, one of his friends brainwashed him on the pretext that British are physically strong and rule over India because they are eat meaters.

Also, one doggerel that was a fad during his times was as follows.

Behold the mighty Englishmen, He rules the Indian small, Because being a meat-eater, He is five cubits tall.

Such things had their effect on him and thus he ate goat meat.

He says in his book “My Experiments with Truth” that he was not able to sleep the whole night as the goat haunted him. 

He further says in the book that he only had less than half a dozen times meat and later on he pledged himself that he would never have meat in his life.

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