Book Review: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Life Lessons & Secrets to Success by Carter Coombes


Price: Rs 59

Length: 26 pages


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is an inspiration to us all, from wrestling in markets at the age of 24 for $40 a night to becoming the highest grossing actor of 2013 and motivating millions to chase their dreams and get into the best shape of their life it’s time we delve into the foundation behind The Rock’s success.


So here comes a book which discloses various unimportant life lessons and trivial secrets to success of none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. As you can see that the book is only 26 pages long and is priced at an exorbitant rate of Rs.59 but allow me to tell you what you cannot see until and unless you waste your money and read the book.

Its just another ‘secret lessons and recipe for success’ book like million others that have unnecessarily flooded the market. This book contains nothing new except the usual qualities which are as follows:

1. The Rock is hard working.

2. The Rock took risks and did not give up at times of failures.

3. The Rock showed perseverance and did not settle down for the second best.

In three words ‘What the F@#K”. Nobody is going to spend Rs. 2.269 per page for reading the shit they already know.

Trust me guys, the life lessons and secrets to success that you will find in this book are the ones that you would have already read and learnt in your childhood. The author has just added Dwayne Johnson’s name in the title so as to sell his stuff.


1. The author knows how to fool the readers as he just incorporated the morals of all the moral stories available in the world in ‘The Rock’s’ life and made a book out of it.


1. The reader is unaware that he/she is paying Rs.59 for what he/she has already read many a times only without relating it with ‘The Rock’.

PS: Sorry but the books is just 26 pages long so dont have much to say about the merits and demerits of the book but one thing is certain that the author is destined for a ‘Rock Bottom’ whenever he meets The Rock.

RATOMETER: 2/10 (Only because I came to know that: 1. Dwayne wanted to make his career in football and 2. He went to the jail 9 times.)

Grab your copy from Amazon at your own risk.

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