The Two Flags – A Short Moral Story.

Once there were two flags. One of them was very tall and brightly coloured while the other was a short metal replica of the former.
The tall flag was hoisted at the middle of the school compound where it shone brightly under the sun while the shorter one was placed beneath it.

While singing the national anthem everyone used to salute the taller flag. Also they took selfies with it.

As time passed by, the taller flag gained popularity worldwide while the shorter flag merely observed the phenomenon.

Soon the taller flag became arrogant and started teasing the other due to which the shorter one grew more and more despondent.

Once during the rainy seasons, it rained cats and dogs. Due to continuous rainfall, the taller flag that once wavered brightly under the sun was completely drenched and in a matter of two days it fell down never to be found again.

After the rains began to ebb, students and tourists returned to see the tall flag but to their surprise they did not find it instead they observed the short metallic replica of it for the first time.

Everyone was disheartened after loosing the taller flag so they decided to preserve its metallic replica by any means available.

Finally they painted it with bright colours so as to avoid rust and everyone began to take selfies with it and this continued for many decades.

MORAL: Never judge a person by his size but by his behaviour.

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