Interview of Kisnaa – Author of Should I Hate or Love


Q.1) How did the idea of writing a Romance novel come to your mind?

Ans. For me, love is the essence of life. It’s something like basic nature of our own soul. Above all,it’s one of the best ways to connect with people ever. That’s the reason, I choose this genre.

Q.2) What was your inspiration to write the novel?

Ans. They say ‘Behind Every Successful Man There Is A Woman’… Yeah it’s pretty true in my case too. My sisters Mrs Reena Nandal and Miss Kanika Panwar were my inspiration and always will. And by the way story of ‘SHOULD I HATE OR LOVE’, itself was an inspiration.

Q.3) Please tell us something more about your novel ‘Should I Hate or Love?’

Ans. ‘Should I hate or love’ is the story of a boy named Aayan, who has seen innumerable ups and downs in his life, at some moments he got immense love while on the other hand, unbearable pain. Many phases came which were more than enough to break a person into countless and irreparable pieces, to make him accept hatred instead of love in his life, but he has made room only and only for love even in the deepest and unreachable corner of his heart.

It’s not just a normal love story, but a story of those deepest emotions which are felt by every boy or girl at some point of time in life. These are the emotions which we often burry in our hearts and our lives carry on without love.

Q.4) Are you working on any other book?

Ans. Yeah, I’m working on my second novel, it’s again a romance novel but totally different from ‘Should I Hate or Love’. My poetry is the only common factor in my both novels.

Q.5) Tell us something about yourself and how did you discover your passion for writing.

Ans. I’m a simple guy, who loves travelling, reading, and playing. For most of the time I love to be alone but at times I also love to have fun with my friends. We go for movies, have junk food and try different types of dishes every time. Apart from Reading and Writing, Music is my favourite pass time.

When I was a kid, I used to read ‘BalBhaskar’ a magazine specially for kids by Danika Bhaskar newspaper. By reading beautiful poems in that magazine I used to get hint from them and write some lines by myself. While doing this exercise I realized that I was not that bad at writing and my friends alwaysmotivate me. I also wrote a play in my school days, and when I was directing my friends, what to do and how to do, one of my teacher predicted that whether one day I’m going to be a movie director or a renowned author!!!Finally, his statement came true.

Q.6) Who were your support pillars when you went through ups and downs while writing the novel?

Ans. Initially family did not support, obviously in a middle class family everyone wants his kid to settle down first, but I was too much passionate for my writing. My mom andsister used to support me, sometimes, but the kind of support I needed was provided by my younger sister Kanika. She always believed in my abilities, appreciated my work, and sometimes corrected me too whereverI went wrong. I know she was and she’llalways be my strongest support pillar ever.

Q.7) How many incidences in the book were drawn from your own experiences and how many were fictitious?

Ans. Every artist always tries to relate his work with his own experiences, and always observes his society. Same was the case with me. As itsclearly written in novel that it’s based on a true story, so most of the incidents were directly from my friend’s life, few of them were inspired from my personal experience and only one or two incidents were fictitious.

Q.8) Now that you are an author, you will have a fan following. Please let our readers know how they can connect with you?

Ans. It feels quite good to be an author and even more it feels amazing when someone contacts me through mail or through my personal page and appreciates my work. But I never call them as my fan!!!For me they are my motivation… a motivation to work more and much better next time.

So they can contact me whenever they feel like, and I always try to get back to them personally as early as possible.

They can contact me at my Facebook page – ‘Kisnaa’ (@kisnaa07)

Or they can mail me –

Or through my Twitter and Instagram account – Kisnaa (@kisnaa07)

Or they can also contact me at Goodreads or at my WordPress blog page –

Q.9) How did you manage time?

Ans. It was not a problem for me, I usually write in the morning before proceeding with my routine work or at night before going to bed. Once in fifteen or twenty days on weekend I used to go to a peaceful natural environment where I could rejuvenate myself.

Q.10) Please share some words of wisdom for the new and upcoming authors.

Ans. For new and upcoming authors I’ll say only one thing that just listen to your heart and never ever write when you are stressed, just be calm and relaxed. Before writing any new chapter first have a clear picture in your mind that how you’re going to start it and how’ll you end it, and then list some points in your mind which you wanna include in that particular chapter. Same procedure should be followed for the whole book.

Q.11) What was your inspiration behind writing down the novel?

Ans. Love was the biggest inspiration for me behind writing down the novel. For me love is everywhere, it’s like soul for music of nature.

Q.12) There may have been moments where you would have been demotivated. Who were your support pillars at that time?

Ans. Yeah before writing the novel, many times I faced such moments and that time my friend Miss Preeti Mann and my sister Miss Kanika Panwaralways motivated me. But once I was ready with the manuscript then there was just one goal in my mind and I never looked down to negative moments which came across.

Q.13) Please share some words for upcoming authors.

Ans. For upcoming authors I’ll say to myfriends’ never write just for fame and success. Write from your heart,the success will directly come to you on its own. Try to learn the art of every creative and beautiful thing. You may become a famous author if you write well but you’ll reach beyond that success mark if you write directly from your heart.

Q.14) What are your favourite genres?

Ans. My favourite genres consist of Self-Help book and Biographies. But I also love to read philosophical and spiritual works.

Q.15) Which is your favourite novel and why?

Ans. It’s quite a difficult task for me to name just one novel, as the list of my favourite novels is too big. It goes from ‘THE ALCHEMIST’, ‘THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING’ and ‘THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND’ to ‘DISCOVER YOUR DESTINY WITH THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI’ and ‘THE HABIT OF WINNING’.

But, if I have to select only one!!! I’ll go for ‘THE ALCHEMIST’ as it teaches you to never give up on your dreams. It asks everyone to pursue their dreams with full faith and believe.I really respect other books too all of which I can’t talk about here.

Q.16) How did you cope up in times when you were low as far as your novel is concerned?

Ans. Everyone faces such times in their life. It varies person to person howthey take thesephases; it plays a vital role to decide your destiny. I was lucky enough to always have my friends and my sisters along with me whenever I needed them. Meditation and spending quality time with myself in peace also helped me a lot in such circumstances.


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