There was a boy named Harish. He was helpful and kind in nature but he had a specific characteristic of getting angry even over trivial matters.
One day his teacher arranged a surprise test on geometry. Since Geometry was his weak point and the questions were very tough, he failed miserably.

Next day when the results were being declared, the teacher called every student to collect their papers and also announce their marks so that everyone could hear them.

When Harish saw that he had got a big zero, he was quite embarrassed to announce it but he had no other choice.

As soon as he announced his marks, a boy sitting in the front row began to tease him. Harish could not keep his cool and thrashed the boy.

Seeing such indecency, the teacher dragged Harish to the principal and told her about the incident. The principal immediately called up Harish’s father and asked him to come to the school.

Next day his father came to meet the principal and apologized for his son’s indecency but the principal being a strict and a rule adhering lady suspended Harish for a year.

Thus had he not lost his temper and maintained his cool, he would have continued his studies without losing one precious year.

Moral: Bury your anger in the deepest graves. It does nothing but harms oneself.

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