One day Mars had a discussion with Earth.
‘I am scared of Jupiter. He is so big and takes disadvantage of his size,’ said Mars.

‘But what happened. Did he misbehave with you?’ asked Earth.

‘No but didn’t you see how rudely he berated Saturn when he slipped from his orbit just by hundred metres,’ cried Mars.

‘I know but let me tell you that it was for Saturn’s own benefit. Had he lost track of his orbit, he would have fallen inside the Sun and evaporated,’ said Earth.

‘Maybe you are right but is that the way to treat with juniors?,’ said Mars.

‘You wont believe me if I tell you something about humans who live on me. Every child thinks his parents to be rude whenever they deny them from having excessive chocolates or from playing till late in the evening but eventually they understand that its for their own benefit. Likewise Jupiter is the eldest among us all and therefore it is his responsibility to take care for all of us,’ said Earth.

‘Yes I get it but the fact is that Saturn is our second eldest brother but still Jupiter scolds him so rudely that it scares the shit out of me,’ said Mars.

‘Why are you so frightened Mars,’ asked Earth.

‘Just think about it. If he can scold Saturn over such trivial reasons then what will he do with us. We are as insignificant as a dust particle in front of him,’ cried Mars.

‘You are scared of him because you are unaware of the sacrifices that he has made for each one of us,’ said Earth.

‘What do you mean by that,’ asked Mars.

‘You are aware of the fact that he is our eldest brother as he was the first planet to be formed in our solar system. At the time of the creation of the solar system, there was chaos everywhere. There were huge rocks, giant comets and  colossal asteroids that were dispersed all over the cosmos and let me tell you that even if one of them would have struck any of us, we would have shattered into pieces. It was Jupiter who acted as a shield and took all blows on himself. Billions of years have passed but still you can see the marks of those bruises on his surface. Had he not been there, we would have not lived so long,’ said Earth.

‘If that’s the case, I made a really big mistake. I am now able to understand why Jupiter behaves the way he does. Its because he considers us as his children and does not want to lose us at any cost. Thus he is rude to be kind. Thank you so much Earth that you told me the real story or I would have never come to know about it and always loathed Jupiter for his insensitive behaviour,’ said Mars.

MORAL: Never make assumptions for a person without knowing about him completely.


  1. I’m really enjoying your short stories! This one definitely spoke to me. It’s so easy to make assumptions, so easy to label people and so easy to be wrong and not accept it. It obviously depends on how you were raised. I had the luck to be in a family that accepted each others opinions, a family that taught me that, not all is what it seems and that most people act a certain way to either protect you, or to protect themselves.
    A lot of the people I deal with are in a strange environment to what they’re used to and this leads to them being reluctant in sharing stuff… Most people would find them rude or bad-tempered but, what they realty are is scared…

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