Nobody likes you but that’s not the case with me,’ blurted light.

‘Can I know what is the basis of your premise,’ asked darkness calmly.

‘Children are scared of you, adolescents find you worthless and elderly people abhor you,’ said light haughtily.

‘Let me remind you of the fact that its me who provides shelter to every creature after the sun sets and you cease to exist but the same does not hold true for you. You never enter a poor man’s house who does not have enough money to pay for you, you are always unavailable to the blinds and moreover you are the one for whom Thomas Edison had to fail ten thousand times’ said darkness with a wicked smile across its face.

‘So what. Its me who helps everyone to see the beautiful colours of nature, its me who helps people do their daily chores even after the sun sets and never ever forget that its even mentioned in the bible ‘Let there be Light’,’ said Light proudly.

‘Don’t you know that I was present even before God created the cosmos, I am also present today and will be present even after the universe collapses,’ said darkness.

‘No matter what you say but you can’t change the fact that every creature gets frightened as soon as it encounters you,’ said Light.

‘Let me tell you that every creature in the world takes my refuge in the night. If they would have been so scared of me then why would they take my shelter,’ said night arrogantly.

Suddenly a thunderous voice roared out of nowhere.

‘Listen to me for once and all. I am your creator and its because of me that you both exist,’ roared the voice.

‘Our creator! Who exactly are you?,’ asked darkness and light together.

‘I am Time. I am the source of origin for everything that happens in the universe. Its because of me that seasons come and go, its because of me that morning and night occur and thus if I stop, both of you will cease to exist. Let me tell you that both of you are one and the same. In the morning you are light and when the sun sets you are darkness so there is no point in arguing over such trivial matter. Promise me that you will learn to stay in harmony and never disrupt each others work or I shall take strict actions,’ said Time.

Both light and darkness accepted their fault, said sorry to each other and worked in complete coordination till eternity.

MORAL: Do your work with full integrity and cooperate with others.


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