So here comes a book that will take you to an exciting journey within the confines of the mind of a woman. It clearly makes a distinction between two types of women, one who is sober, introvert and tranquil which the author calls as a ‘coffee girl’ and the other who is frivolous, extrovert and exhilarated which he refers to as the ‘cola girl’.


The author has really come up with a new and exciting theme which I am pretty sure every male would like to read. Most of the girls that we meet in our daily life fall in one or the other category and I would highly suggest you to read the book if you want to know about the female mind.

The book revolves around Radha (coffee girl) who is sweet, dresses soberly, displays elegance and values etiquettes and on the other hand is Nora (cola girl) who is bubbly, dresses the way she wants, displays ebullience and lives life only on her terms and conditions.

Then we also have a guy named Rahul (Naam to suna hi hoga) who experiences both but gets none. Let me explain it in a better way. In the beginning he meets Radha and is mesmerised by her beauty and elegance but she being conservative does not allow him to have sex with her(let me come to the point directly). Later on she gets an opportunity to work overseas which had always been her dream and asks Rahul to wait for her but as luck may have it (and as it happens in Bollywood) he meets the vivacious and high spirited Nora who is completely opposite to Radha and guess what, in some days after meeting for the first time, she also has sex with him.

Now this is where the problem starts. Rahul is utterly confused on whom to say a yes and whom a no. Well I will leave on this cliff hanger and not reveal the end of the story because I want you to go through it and experience the contrasting characteristics of the elegant coffee and the bubbly cola.


1. Language used in the book is crystal clear and refined.

2. A new and attractive theme.

3. The author has researched a lot on female psychology and thus the story appears to be more realistic.

4. The quotes mentioned in the book are cherry on the cake.


1. The character of Meera (Radha’s sister) could have been expanded.

2. The front cover of the book could have been better.


1. Cover: 7/10

2. Character build up: 10/10

3. Plot: 10/10

4. Editing: 9.5/10

5. Theme: (10/10) New and refreshing.


Grab your copy now from Amazon.

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