‘I don’t think you are going to survive under so much of heat. The rate at which your ice is melting, you will only survive for another half an hour,’ said the haughty asteroid.

‘It’s not about surviving, Its about contribution. I go along this path every year and people on Earth enjoy the cosmic show. They take my pictures and celebrate my arrival,’ said the comet.

‘Ahh! This time I will fall on Earth and wipe out the entire humanity,’ said the proud asteroid.

‘Well it seems as if you are building castles in the air. Don’t you remember what happened with you last time,’ asked the comet.

‘Just look at my size. I am hundred times bigger than the last time and I am going to destroy Earth as soon as I collide with it,’ said the asteroid.

‘Just look at all those satellites circulating around Earth. They are recording me and people across the planet are watching me on television,’ said the comet with a big smile across its face.

‘I don’t have time for that. My only aim is to annihilate the planet and I will be successful this time,’ said the asteroid with a wide grin across its face.

‘Ok then. Its time to go on our respective paths. Let me know whether you were successful on your mission to destroy Earth the next time we meet. Goodbye,’ said the comet and went on its route.

‘Haha! Sure. Meet you soon,’ said the snobbish asteroid.

On one side where the entire planet was busy celebrating the arrival of the beautiful comet, the asteroid continued its journey towards the Earth to destroy it. As soon as it entered the Earths atmosphere, it started to burn and till the time it reached the Earth’s surface it had reduced to the size of a pebble.

Thus the haughty asteroid failed in its mission to destroy the planet while on the other hand people celebrate the arrival of the comet every year.

MORAL: Help others and they will celebrate your presence. Hinder their progress and they will detest you.

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