Abhishek was the topper of his class. Every student aspired to be his friend and he was held in high esteem by his teachers. He used to help out his friends if they had any difficulty in understanding hard concepts and also helped his teachers by making various kinds of charts and graphs which were used by them to give illustrations to the students.

As the session was nearing its end, the school decided to have an annual function. There were lots of arrangement that were needed to be done but the teachers were not able to do all by themselves. They selected some students including Abhishek to help them out.

As days passed on, most of the students got bored of the extra work that they had to do so they skipped it. Some of them lied that they were ill and hence couldn’t come to school, others said that it was hampering their studies for the final exams which were just after the annual function.

Hence slowly and steadily, everybody except Abhishek left but since he didn’t wanted to lose his high held esteem in front of his teachers, he not only did his part of the work but also did what his friends were supposed to do. He worked day and night but was unable to handle so much of work load. On the day of the annual function, every teacher expected Abhishek to have made all the necessary arrangements but on the contrary, he was nowhere to be seen. The principal called Abhishek only to know that he has fallen ill and has been admitted in the city hospital.

Thus not only did he lose his high held esteem and was mocked, he was also not able to appear in the upcoming examination.

MORAL: Cast off false shame. Gauge your capability and take work accordingly.

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