Interview of Dhaval Birajdar – Author of ‘A Knotty Affair’



Hello friends. Today we are going to meet up with the talk of the town as far as the literary world is concerned, Mr. Dhaval Birajdar who has secretly sneeked in the top 5 category in the new books section. Today we are going to have a chat with him and we will explore more about his successful journey so far.

Q.1) What was your inspiration behind writing down the novel?

There were many sources of inspiration, but I cannot single out on one point. There are many incidents that occur with an individual in his day to day life, they can be mundane or completely change the course of our journey called life. During my graduation the idea of writing struck me and I enjoyed the process very much. You get into undefined road not knowing what will be the end, it is beautiful journey in which you go through series of emotions. My biggest source of inspiration is walking down that road umpteenth times.

Q 2) How does it feel to enter the top 5 books (new releases category)in the world on amazon portal ?

The feeling is great, I got a call from my marketing team that our book ‘A knotty affair’ has entered the top 5 section. The thing which surprised me was the fact that my book only had online release and it broke through the top 5 section. The rankings are not permanent, but at least I can say that amazon rated me into the top 5 section.

Every week thousands of books are released all over the world so to get into that zone is an achievement for me and I am very proud of it, but in terms of writing I need to sharpen my skills more, which I will definitely impove.


Q.3) How does it feels to be known by people around you?

I am not that famous uptill now, but slowly and steadily people are getting to know about me. See as an author, its very difficult to get through such packed market.

Nowadays everyone is into writing, take for instance twinkle Khaana or Karan Johar. These people are brands themselves so even if they release a matchbox it will be popular within a few moments. For people like us who have no background, we find it difficult to get through the zone. For example Karan Johar has a PR team to look after his promotions and marketing related activities but we cannot afford so expensive services and thus it becomes really difficult to break through the zone.

Q 4) You are into teaching, you must be dealing with a fairly young crowd in their early 20’s. Share your views on brain drain that is on constant upsurge in our country and how can it be contained.

Not in same age group, my age is 29 , but yes I can connect with them as I can understand their pulse and have a fairly good idea about their interests and future plans.

See basically nowadays, in the WhatsApp era , everything is instant. So the patience level is very less in students. Definitely, technology is rapidly increasing, everyday something new is happening in the field of technology. One thinng which I genuinely feel which is missing in today’s generation more specifically in metro cities is the gratitude for their country. After graduation 75% students are flying to UK and US for masters which is too high. I am dealing with students every day, if you ask them why they are going to UK and US then the straight answer that one gets is ‘Yaha pe Kya hai, Kitna traffic hai, pollution’ and all the worst answers you can ever think of.

Going to UK and US is some kind of fashion or Swag as they say it now. Every engg graduate will announce in Facebook that they are travelling to US and UK for studies, click selfies on airport show it to the world, but in reality they will do all the work which they will not do in India. Obviously that will affect their status ,ego everything ,

I always tell my students that there is no point in staying other country ,working as second grade citizen and doing third grade job. Work for your country in whatever way you can, If we can reduce that 75 % number to 50 %, the growth of our country will reach new heights. The Brain Drain problem has to be solved in a larger level, going abroad for studying is not an issue, it is important but after that you should serve your country. If you compare students from Mumbai or Banglore to students in smaller town let’s say from hariyana or Bhopal, you will see the difference. Young people there have that intent to do something for the country it can be sports, arts or engineering but its the intent that matters.

Q5) There may have been moments where you would have been demotivated. Who were your support pillars at that time?

While writing I am never demotivated but it is the book publication process and finding a right publisher which is a painstaking process. The marketing process always makes you understand how necessary it to be a brand name in the market. What keeps me going is the interest and belief in my story which comes straight from the heart without any expectations with it, if you write for yourself you should not expect any monetary gains from it. Once you are popular you will get everything at right time.

Q.6) How has been your journey so far as an author?

So far it is going good, it has been 4 months since my book has been released within two months it entered the top 5 ranking (new release section). Reviews are encouraging, people are recognizing me through twitter, facebook, goodreads and obviously on amazon. So it has been good, I have been giving interviews, this is my second interview and more interviews are lined up . So on whole I am enjoying the attention that I am getting.

Q.7) What are your future projects?

Currently I am working on two manuscripts, one is on politics on ‘Make In India’ theme and second one is an out and out thriller. Let’s hope I come with something interesting.

Grab your copies now.

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