Interview of Kapil Muzumdar – Author of ‘The Coffee and The Cola’

Hello friends. Today we are interviewing Kapil Muzumdar, author of ‘The Coffee and The Cola’. Lets hear out his story.
Q.1)Please share some words of wisdom for the new and upcoming authors.

Well, I am myself learning the craft. What can a novice like me tell? As an experienced professional, I’d love to tell the youngsters to explore avenues beyond the ordinary, outside the convention, reinvent and take risks. As for writing, I think patience and application is what sees you through the process, rest I think is a lot of destiny, your own might with marketing and many other things…reciprocal is not in your control. It is like doing your job to the best of your abilities (at the point in time and leave the rest to the universe
Q.2) How did you manage time?

It was difficult, since I am professionally involved with something else. Writing is a vocational activity for me. But I think when you love something, you take that extra effort to see it through and then there are moments when it just happens. Your hands simply cling on to your pen or keyboard and do the talking and words just flow.

Q.3) What was your inspiration behind writing down the novel?

No inspiration as such, more perspiration actually. This work is an effort of a lot of observation and gathering insights. I don’t really know whether the book really transports that. But observing women, their little nuances and so on, over a few years has been the source.

Q.4) There may have been moments where you would have been demotivated. Who were your support pillars at that time?

Quite a few dispirited moments, really. My wife I shall name first. She has been my biggest support and critic and a rock solid pillar. My young son too who made little sacrifices along the way, and of course some very near and dear friends. These are the people who always wish something good to happen with my vocation.

Q.5) What are your favourite genres?

Nothing in particular. I like a book, which talks to me. Or one I find interesting to have a conversation with. Book has life is what I believe in. There’s always an interaction with a reader, like in real. I can pick up anything. Also recommendations I don’t ignore. Genres can be self-help, some interesting fiction and non-fiction, philosophies and biographies too.

Q.6) Which is your favourite novel and why?

Not one in specific. Alchemist by Paulo, Storyteller by Jodi Picoult I have loved. Why – Because they talked with me, we had a cosy conversation, irrespective of the subject the book rendered.

Q.7) How did you cope up in times when you were low as far as your novel is concerned? 

Pause your writing. Take a break. Read or do something new. Get refreshed and come back at it again. A certain disconnect helps. At 46, you know you’ve encountered many highs and lows so you kind of know how to deal with them. There’s no single way to deal, each is different and each needs a different treatment. But I guess, life teaches you many things along the journey and all that you’ve learnt simply comes together at that time when you hit a low to see you through.

Grab your copies now.

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