How Lord Ram killed Tadka, Marich and Subahu

One day Lord Ram and his brother Lakshman were travelling across the forest along with their guru, Rishi Vishwamitra. They spotted the demoness ‘Tadka’ and the great lord shot her dead then and there.

After this incident, guru Vishwamitra grew confident of the fact that prince Ram was none other than the incarnation of the supreme lord. He took them to his hermitage and taught them whatever he knew.

Next day, the great Lord asked Rishi Vishwamitra to conduct the yagna and assured them security. Thus Rishi Vishwamitra along with his disciples started with rituals.

As soon as the demon ‘Marich’ came to know about it, he marched along with army to kill the rishis. As soon as they reached the place where the rituals were being conducted, they were intercepted by Lord Ram and Lakshman. The great lord hit the demon with his bow and he fell 100 yojans far on the opposite side of the sea.

Later on Lord Ram killed a demon named ‘Subahu’ with his agnibaan (fire arrow) and on the other hand, his younger brother Lakshman wiped out the entire demonic army.

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