A man poured beer in a glass and bubbles of different sizes started to pop up. Innumerable tiny bubbles were formed at the bottom and along the sides of the glass while a huge bubble was formed at the centre.

The big bubble covered a large area inside the glass and thus dominated over the tiny bubbles. Whoever tried to defy him was pushed above the surface of the beer and as soon as any bubble came into contact with air, it burst. Thus every bubble was scared of him and followed his orders.

In order to save himself, he pushed tiny bubbles above the surface of the beer and he was able to do so due to his enormous strength. Vexed by his ruthless attitude, all the tiny bubbles aggregated below the big bubble and pushed him above. Though individually they were very weak as compared to the big bubble but their combined strength overpowered him due to which they were successfully able to push him above the surface of the beer and thus came an end to the long drawn massacre and slaughter.


One thought on “POWER LIES IN UNITY

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