Manish was a healthy boy who went to school, played with his friends and did his daily chores until one day when he met with an accident. While returning to his home on his bicycle, he lost his control and fell on the road. Suddenly a jeep zoomed past him crushing his legs. Poor Manish cried out of pain and was taken to the hospital.

As soon as his parents came to know about it, they rushed to the hospital only to find their doting son being operated. After the operation was over, his parents went inside to meet him but to their dismay they found his leg’s wrapped with bandages.

After about an hour, Manish regained his senses but was shocked to see himself in such a terrible condition. He tried to strip off the bandages but as soon as he got up to do so, he felt an excruciating pain as a result of which he fainted.

His mother couldn’t bear to see her son in such a dreadful condition and started weeping.

After a month, Manish was discharged from the hospital but his condition didn’t improve a bit. He could barely walk and had to use a wheelchair to go to school.

After about a week, the principal of his school announced about the upcoming sports day. She discussed about all the competitions and the associated prizes. Poor Manish grew despondent as he knew he couldn’t participate, let alone win.

He came back home cresfallen and thought that had he not met with the accident, he would have won all the races like he did since his childhood. Poor Manish cursed his bad luck and with a sob of despair he threw himself on the bed. His father could see his anguish and decided to have a conversation with him.

‘Don’t give up Manish. Just forget about the accident and try to live your life. Good and bad times are like the two faces of a coin. They come and go. Don’t let them dominate on you.’

‘How can I forget about it papa. If I would have not met with the accident, I could have participated and won in the upcoming sports day as I have been since my childhood.’ Manish’s father thought for a moment and instead of consoling him, he tried to cheer him up.

‘Who said that you cannot win! You can still win if you want to.’ ‘Really but how is that possible?,’ asked Manish out of excitement. ‘Dear son, if you have will power, you can achieve anything. From tomorrow, I will train you for the race and mark my words, you will win as usual.’

Hearing such inspiring words from his father, his eyes glittered with confidence and he went off to sleep. His father woke him up early in the morning and drove him to the community park where he set daily targets for Manish. With every passing day, the target would become more difficult to attain but due to his father’s continuous encouragement and motivation, Manish would manage to achieve it.

Thus after a month of practice, the sports day finally arrived. Manish took his parent’s blessings and hugged his father for all that he did. His parents accompanied him to the school to cheer him up.

Initially there were singing and dance performances. Everybody enjoyed and sang along with the group. Finally the time came for the much awaited racing competition. Manish’s classmates mocked him but he stayed calm and made his strategy. All of them were asked to take their starting position and after a moment’s time, the bell rang.

All the ten participants ran as fast as they could. Manish tried his best but crashed to the ground in agony. Everyone was amazed to see the little kid stand on his feet and continue the race.

He used all his left over energy and at last completed the race. Manish stood 4th but was not disheartened as he knew he gave all that he could. His father came running and hugged his son.

In the evening during the price distribution ceremony, Manish and his parents couldn’t believe when the school honoured him with a special achievement award for displaying outstanding courage, grit and determination.

Moreover from next year onwards, the school also kept a seperate award in honour of Manish to kindle the ‘never give up spirit’ among its students.


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