Once upon a time there was a sea which consisted of many islands. On one of them lived giants. All the islands had been blessed with plenty of natural resources.

As time passed by, their population increased exponentially. Due to their sheer size, giants needed a lot of food to eat but in a matter of few years, there were so many of them that all the resources began to deplete.

In order to survive, they started exploring in all directions. They sent expeditions to numerous islands and inhabited them. In a matter of few decades they exhausted resources of all the islands and began exploring new ones.

One day two of them reached an island which had a lot of trees and animals. Both of them rejoiced and hugged each other. After travelling a few kilometres from the shore, they spotted a large palace which was being patrolled by tiny guards. The giants mocked them and made their way towards the palace.

As soon as they reached the palace, one of the guards asked them to stop but the giants didn’t accept their command because according to them, they were nothing but green faced, puny goblins.

When the giants didn’t stop even after repeated warnings, one of the guards shot an electric pulse to a giant and he immediately fell down. Instantaneously he shot another pulse which reduced the size of the giant to that of a goblin and he was immediately arrested by the patrolling guards.

Seeing his friend’s bizarre transformation, the other giant ran for his life. He returned to his island and told the incident to the king of the giants. On hearing the whole episode, the king’s face was distorted with rage and he decided to ruin the kingdom of the goblins.

He prepared his troops and sailed along with them to the island of the goblins. As soon as they reached over there, he ordered his troops to charge over the goblins. On the other hand, the goblins tried everything that they could to avoid the war. They blowed trumpets, beat drums and even waved white flags which signified peace but all their efforts were to no avail.

Thus at last, the goblin king fired a massive beam from his palace which stunned all the giants and they fell on the ground. Without any delay, the goblin king fired another massive beam which reduced the size of all of the giants to a mere goblin. Thus all of them were arrested and sent to jail where they served as servants for the rest of their life.


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