Once upon a time there was a poor fisherman. Everyday he used to go to the sea-shore and throw fishing nets. One day a big pitcher got trapped in the net. The fisherman pulled it out and kept it on the ground.

Seeing it broken and damaged from several places, he decided to throw it back in the sea. As soon as he picked it up, he heard a voice from within it.

‘Wait young man. I can change your fate. I can transform you from rags to riches.’ said the voice.

‘Who are you?’ asked the amazed fisherman.

‘I am the jin of the pitcher and I can change your destiny.’ said the jin.

The fisherman was in complete shock and awe but believed what the voice said. As soon as he kept the pitcher on the ground, the jin appeared on one of its wall.

‘Oh young man! I promise to make you the richest man on the planet as soon as you open the lid of this pitcher.’ said the jin.

‘How can I be sure of it? Suppose I release you and you eat me, then who will feed my family?’ asked the fisherman.

‘I vow that I will keep my promise and fill your house with gold, diamonds and all sorts of precious stones. You will be so rich that not only you but even your future generations wouldn’t have to work in their entire life span. Don’t think anymore young man! Just open the lid and see the magic happen before your eyes.’ said the jin.

The fisherman dreamt about all the comforts of life. For a moment he thought about all the delicious sweets he could eat, expensive clothes he could wear and big mansions he could live in. Thus he gave in to his sweet dreams and opened up the lid.

Finally the jin came out of the pitcher and breathed in open air.

‘Finally, after 1000 years I have been released. I couldn’t have survived inside that small pitcher even for a second more.’ said the jin.

The fisherman stood below with a glint in his eyes, waiting for his turn.

‘I have released you and kept my promise. Now its your turn to reciprocate the favour.’ said the fisherman.

‘You fool! You were enticed by my false promises. You couldn’t resist the temptation of getting filthy rich. Clumsy and gauche people like you who want to have everything without working for it deserve no right to live.

‘I accept my mistake. I shall always work hard for achieving my goals. Please forgive me oh mighty jin,’ said the startled fisherman.

The mighty jin warned the fisherman of dire consequences and suddenly vanished in the air.


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