The enlightened guru once asked me,
did you ever commit a sin,
for there is nobody who lives in the pastures of glee,
forbids to win.

I said I sold a program and got huge remuneration,
for I wanted money which brings recognition,
I have got what I wanted from life,
fame, esteem and prestige at my sight.

The name game, he replied, has been played since time immemorial,
and trust me all have lost hence.
Trillions of dollars spent on lethal weapons and memorials,
and for protecting their property with lasers and fence.

Why do you lecture me about this tension in the world,
for I am not as enlightened as you,
don’t throw upon me your cuss words,
cause I will do what I want to do.

Everybody has a free will said the enlightened guru,
but you also need to expand your horizon,
remember you will not take away your money along with you,
when you begin your next journey to the heavens.

O you poor and worthless so called guru,
I am not interested in your philosophy,
Take away with you, your menu,
or you will face difficulty in combating with my prejudice and bigotry.

I shut the door and he went for ever,
leaving behind his barely palpable mirror,
which displayed my exaggerated swagger,
never to be treated by money and any sort of materialistic matter.

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