There once hit a meteor,
so massive and gigantic,
that it wiped away the species of dinosaur,
which were imperial and majestic.

Today there is even a bigger one that has hit me hard,
no matter where I go, I fall apart.
Dusty are the winds and lonely are the boulevards,
I no longer get rewards for completing my tasks.

A monk once prophesied that I would be a zillionaire,
Ms. prosperity would lay beside me and nobody could do anything else than glare,
but luxury and opulence slithered away like a snake,
and today I earn only by baking cakes.

There was a time when I had a job,
I had to tackle problems which I now miss a lot,
but everything went in vain,
the day I stopped to work hard which kept me sane.

Since then I have been doing what I never wanted to,
the pressure of not being special pushes me to my tomb,
the graves are ready to soak me inside my last raft,
no matter where I go, I fall apart.


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