Q.1) When and how did you conceive the idea of the story?

The idea of the book was brewing inside me for about ten years. I could only get down writing it in 2012 only. I believe that each story, in fact each character, decides its own time to come out. Writer is just a tool in the hands of the story.

Q.2) Which incident inspired you to write down the story?

There is no specific incident that inspired the story. It is a heroin-oriented novel. We live in a patriarchal society, wherein we don’t give the right value to our female counterparts. We simply forget that they can do whatever men do. The heroin of the book THE RIBBON TRAP, Smita, is a strong woman who rises as if a phoenix to reclaim her life. She takes the tough road alone to punish the conspirators who had destroyed her beautiful life.

Q.3) Who all would you like to thank for making you realize your dream of becoming an author?

There are lot many, to name a few. Each person I came in contact with nourished me, my thought process. I believe that every individual who comes into our lives has a role to play. The world is more than what we see.

My mother, wife, son, my relatives, friends, and most importantly, my publishers (LiFi Publications) have been very much helpful during the journey.

Q.4) Most authors also maintain a blog where they share their ideas. Do you have one? If yes, please share the link so that our readers can know about it.

Yes, I have a blog intended towards guiding youngsters to achieve their dream. The link is:

They can also contact me anytime, in case of doubts or they require any guidance. My e-mail id is

Q.5) Which is your favorite genre and why?

I don’t limit myself to a specific genre. I love wide reading. And I read everything that come my way.

I believe in “Read everything, but grasp only the right thing.”

Q.6) Who are your favourite authors? Mention the books by them that you have read.

Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown, Vikram Seth, Mario Puzo, Sidney Sheldon, Amitav Ghosh…The list is endless. My favourite books include The Alchemist, Two Lives, The Godfather, Tell Me Your Dreams, Ibis Trilogy, God of Small Things etc

Q.6) Have you started off with your 2nd project. If yes, then let us know a little about it..

Yes. My second book is a Spy Thriller. It is in the final stages of editing.


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