Carry Sick person

I thought myself to be weak,
weaker than the ant I crushed under my foot,
I had dumped all my conviction in the creek,
and conned myself to be a failure like a crook.

I was not ready to surrender my devotion,
not for my success but for my failure,
I sold my faith in an auction,
since my dominant focal point was a damp squib garniture.

I had transformed the fire within me into ice,
and relinquished my ambitions,
My own confidence and trust had reduced in size,
and thus destiny had accepted my submission.

My only driving factor was my will power which I had abandoned long ago,
I have lost everything but the worst part is that I have acknowledged it,
series of addictions had made my fate narrow,
and the main reason for it is that inside my mind I always accepted it.

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