Once upon a time there lived a very beautiful lady named Akanksha. She had been the winner of numerous beauty pageants right from her teenage years.

As time passed by, the rules of the beauty pageants changed and according to the new rules, along with physical attributes of the contestants, they were also ranked on the basis of their personality traits, intelligence, talent and answers to judges’ questions.

Finally the day of beauty pageant arrived. One by one all the ladies walked on the ramp elegantly and displayed their style and grace. Soon after the ramp walk, the judges gave their marks and Akanksha stood at the first place. She walked away with pride to her personal dressing room and did not even glimpsed the other ladies as she thought that they were of no match to her.

After an hour, the next event started which judged them on the basis of their personality traits and intelligence. All the ladies were asked ten questions each which they had to answer logically and they were only judged on the basis of their intellect.

Although everyone was told beforehand about the changes in the pattern of the beauty pageant, Akanksha didn’t give any heed to it as she believed herself to be the most beautiful woman and there was no one else who could stand against her in the competition. Thus she didn’t prepare herself for the personality test and failed miserably.

After an hour, when the final results were declared, she stood at the second last position. She was terrified on losing the beauty pageant which she had been winning since her teens so miserably and thus left the scene before confronting the other participants and media.


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