Once upon a time there lived a very strong python in the depths of the jungle. He coiled around his prey and killed it instantly. All the animals of the jungle bowed down before him and obeyed his orders.

There was a baby cobra who didn’t understand why every animal in the jungle bowed down before the python and thus asked his parents about it.

‘Why do you bow down before him dad?,’ asked the baby cobra.

‘Because he is the strongest animal in the jungle and anybody who disrespects him or goes against his wishes is eaten by him,’ answered his dad.

‘We cannot continue to live like this. We have as much right to live freely and do things according to our will and desires as him,’ said the baby cobra.

‘I know my son but everyone is scared to say this infront of the python. Last month, a tiger tried to teach him a lesson but as soon as he leaped over the python, he coiled around him and swallowed him alive,’ said his dad.

‘Its me who will try this time,’ pledged the baby cobra.

‘You are so small. How can you kill the mighty python?’ asked his dad in awe.

‘So what if I am small and weak. I possess the required courage and intellect to defeat my opponent,’ said the baby cobra confidently.

‘No, I cannot afford to lose you my son. You are the only reason that I live and if you go away from me, I will certainly die. Do you want me to die my son?’ asked dad.

‘I love you the most dad but think of other animals. That ruthless python has killed so many of them. Numerous animals have lost their child and its our duty to bring this slaughter to end,’ said the baby cobra.

‘You are a real hero my son. All of us will remember your contribution for centuries to come.’ said dad.

Next day, the baby cobra collected a litre of milk in a big bowl and went one by one to all the poisonous snakes of the jungle. He asked them to spit as much venom as possible in the bowl. After collecting the poisonous mixture, he took blessings from all the animals of the jungle and headed towards the python’s lair.

Upon reaching his burrow, he called out for the python.

‘Come out O mighty python. I have a gift for you,’ screamed the baby cobra confidently.

The python slithered out of its burrow and screamed ‘Who are you young fellow. Don’t you know I am the king of the jungle. I can coil around you and gulp you in a moment. You are lucky that I am not hungry at the moment. Run away before I change my mind.’ roared the mighty python.

‘All the animals of the jungle have unanimously decided that they will send you an animal each day so that you do not have to waste your time in catching your prey,’ said the baby cobra.

‘Hahaha! So finally you have accepted your defeat,’ roared the python.

‘Today its my turn and I offer you myself but before eating me I have a present for you,’ said the baby cobra.

‘Do not waste my time you puny cobra. Show it to me at once.’ said the python.

The baby cobra kept the bowl of milk infront of the python and said ‘here it is. I have bought you a bowl full of milk. I am aware of the fact that you wouldn’t have drank milk from a long time and thus I have bought it for you.’

‘O wow! All these years I have just eaten animal flesh and nothing else. I desperately needed milk. Give me the bowl now.’ said the python.

The baby cobra handed the bowl to the python and he gulped it in no time.

‘Ah! This milk was so sweet. I feel hungry after drinking it. Now I will eat you.’ screamed the python and jumped towards the baby cobra.

As soon as he leapt towards the baby cobra, he started hallucinating. After a minute he fell on the ground and was choked to death.

The baby cobra returned to the other animals and told the whole incident. Everybody rejoiced and praised him for his daring act, sheer confidence and intellect.


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