Once upon a time there was a very intelligent scientist. He developed an armour plating which no gun could pierce.

After a week he obtained an audiece with the army general and presented it to him.

‘I have built an armour so strong, that it can withstand bullets fired from any gun.’ said the scientist.

‘How is that possible? I cannot believe what you say till I see it with my own eyes,’ said the army-general.

‘As you say sir. You can put this armour on a dummy and can fire bullets on it.’ said the scientist.

The general ordered his men to bring a dummy and to cover it with the armour prepared by the scientist. After the arrangements were made, the general asked one of his soldiers to fire bullets on the dummy. To everyone’s surprise, no bullet was able to pierce the armour.

Everybody including the army-general was in awe.

‘It’s a brilliant invention. It can help us to fight hidden terrorists who fire upon us out of nowhere,’ said the army-general. ‘The army is ready to buy it. Please let us know its cost.’

‘The cost of armour is $1000 each.’ said the scientist.

‘I am sure that you are aware of the fact that one of our neighbouring country has declared war upon us. We promise you that once the war gets over, we will transfer you the money. Till then please provide us the technology so that we can manufacture the armour in large numbers.’

The scientist accepted their plea and provided them the technology.

After a month, when the war was over the scientist went to meet the army-general but he was not allowed. Even after months of trials, he was refused to meet him. Finally the scientist devised an evil plan to bring the general to justice.

He made a bullet which was strong enough to pierce anything including the armour that he had previously designed. This time instead of handing over the technology to the army general, he gave it to the terrorists.

After a month, the terrorists as usual infiltrated the military camp but this time they loaded their guns with the deadly bullets prepared by the scientist. All the soldiers wore the invincible armour and came out of their camp to fight with the terrorists. The general was quite sure about his victory but to his surprise, all his soldiers were killed in the battle and he ran for his life.


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