Once there was a boy named Rajeev. While on his way to home, he found a pair of spectacles lying on the road. He got down of his bicycle, picked it up and kept it inside his school bag.

After reaching his home and having snacks, he decided to go out and play with his friends. He wore the pair of spectacles and went out.

All his friends decided to play cricket. The opposing team scored 100 runs and every player in Rajeev’s team got out after making a total of 50 runs. Rajeev was their last hope and his teammates relied on him.

He batted while wearing the spectacles and something strange happened. Even before the bowler had thrown the ball towards him, he could see the path of the ball. He was confused on seeing such projections and thus took off his spectacles and kept it inside his pocket.

He was shocked when he found out that the bowler threw the ball along the same path as he saw a moment ago. He took out his spectacles from his pocket, wore them and to his surprise, he was able to see the projections once again. Thus due to his new-found ability was able to win the match.

While returning to his home, he saw another projection which aroused greed within him. He saw two men driving a motorcycle and carrying a lot of jewellery and gold along with them to fall inside a pond. He also saw them jumping out of it and running away, leaving all the gold and jewellery inside the pond. Out of excitement, Rajeev took off his spectacles and kept it inside his pocket without finding out the reason why those men were running away.

He hid behind one of the bush surrounding the pond and waited for the men to fall inside it. After a minute, a motorcycle sped across the pond. Suddenly, it bumped into a car and both the men fell inside the pond. Without wasting any time and caring about their broken bones, they climbed out of it and made a run for their life.

Rajeev immediately jumped inside the pond to collect as much gold and jewellery as possible by him. Suddenly a police jeep rushed in and caught Rajeev before he could escape the scene.

Though Rajeev was not directly involved in stealing the jewellery and gold from the city bank, he was punished for it and was thrown behind the bars for a week.


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